Raise money from founders

Our angel investors helped Seneca Learning scale to 12 million users. Now that we have exited the business, we want to back other founders. We aim to invest in one startup each month.


Partner with exited founders

Back in 2017, we launched our first startup, an EdTech business that offered free education to students in the UK.

The business grew rapidly, reaching 14 million total users, with 4 million active users each month and generating millions in revenue. In 2022, we successfully exited to a startup that had raised $700M+ in funding.

Throughout our journey, we were always mindful of costs, dedicating a significant portion of our time—probably 80%—to financial, legal, and administrative tasks such as fundraising, annual accounts, employee option schemes, different policies, and more. The remaining 20% was focused on driving growth, managing operations, and sales.

We were very diligent, but because we hadn’t started a company before, we missed deadlines & filings, not because we were late, but because we didn’t know they existed. That's why we started Novabook. The accountancy we wish we had while running our own startup.

But the hardest things for a founder is not their accounting, it's actually raising that first round of investment. And we can help. We'd love to take a look at your business and join your round, or introduce you to our network of angels.

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